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We truly believe in our motto of “Dikho Khoobsurat, Karo Khoobsurat’

In India, only the privileged few have access to English Education. There are millions of kids, especially in rural India who have the will to learn a new language but lack the resources to do so. The knowledge of English opens new doors of opportunity and is a way to progress in life for these children. Nihar Shanti Amla Pathshala Funwala was launched in 2013 with the aim of making English education accessible to these children for free. We wanted to guide these children towards a brighter future. We taught children English over the phone using interactive lesson recordings and ended up impacting 2.5 lakh lives. It is now time to take this initiative further. Languages are best learnt while talking with a fluent speaker. We want to give these children the opportunity to talk to people like you who speak English in their day to day lives. Nihar Shanti Amla Pathshala Funwala invites you to become a Prerak and bring about lasting change. By contributing 10 minutes a week you can pave the path to a better tomorrow.